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Grenoble is the gateway to the Alps and a geographic crossing where the rivers Isère and Drac meet. With Switzerland to the north, Italy to the east, and Provence to the south, the city is surrounded by three mountain chains. It is a cosmopolitan city with cafés, museums, and restaurants. Best of all, you can see the Alps from almost every street corner.

The City

Grenoble is a lively and welcoming place, and its heart beats to the rhythm of fascinating contrasts. Despite the fact that Grenoble is a metropolis in the Alps, it is the flattest city in France. The city is perfect for walking with no slopes, plenty of cafés and lots to look at. When you stand in Place St. Andre, the square in the middle of the city, you have historic monuments all around you. This is an impressive sight along with a good cup of coffee. Naturally, you will be drinking it at the Café de la Table Ronde that is the second oldest café in France. The café was the favourite place of Sara Bernhardt, Jacques Brel and the city’s son, the writer, Stendhal.


France is the promised land for brasseries and cafés. Here you can have a coffee with a chocolate croissant in the morning, a coffee with a baguette for lunch, afternoon coffee with a cake and a glass of wine in the evening. All meetings and rendezvous are arranged at one of Grenoble’s cafés.

Bars & Nightlife

Late evenings and long nights characterize Grenoble’s entertainment scene. The large numbers of students keep the bars, cafés and discotheques going. Start the evening with an aperitif at one of the many brasseries on the square.