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DESTINATIONS czech republic brno Dining Pavillon


This sophisticated, spacious restaurant is characterised by modern interior design and a bright environment, due to the glass wall dividing the indoor and outdoor rooms. Come to Pavillon for a business dinner or another special occasion and try their elegantly presented creations, such as the Caesar salad with marinated salmon.


The national dish of the Czech Republic is roast pork with sauerkraut and knedliky–huge coin-shaped dumplings sliced off from a long roll. All this is washed down with beer–Czech pilsner might be the best in the world. Vegetarians used to be faced with a choice of fried cheese or chips, but now the situation is much better, with an abundance of Italian eateries. Brno also has several first-class vegetarian restaurants, listed below. Desserts are hearty and include exquisite ice cream, thick Turkish coffee, and some interesting liqueurs and digestives to round off a typical blow-out.