The Immigrant


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The Immigrant

One of the best places in Brno to grab a burger is "The Immigrant": here, in fact, the portions are very generous and meat and fries are just delicious. Plus, it's a foreigner-friendly spot where you'll find lots of tourists (but also locals) indulging in a yummy, international meal. Pay a visit during football or rugby matches and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere created by all the people from different countries who watch a game while drinking good beers and getting to know each other.


The national dish of the Czech Republic is roast pork with sauerkraut and knedliky–huge coin-shaped dumplings sliced off from a long roll. All this is washed down with beer–Czech pilsner might be the best in the world. Vegetarians used to be faced with a choice of fried cheese or chips, but now the situation is much better, with an abundance of Italian eateries. Brno also has several first-class vegetarian restaurants, listed below. Desserts are hearty and include exquisite ice cream, thick Turkish coffee, and some interesting liqueurs and digestives to round off a typical blow-out.